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Aug 12, 2016· Pantograph Video #2 showing mathematical process to enlarge a small photograph to a large canvas for painting. Completed oil painting from small photograph shown at end of video.

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The first pantograph was constructed in 1603 by Christoph Scheiner, who used the device to copy and scale diagrams, but he wrote about the invention over 27 years later, in "Pantographice" (Rome 1631). One arm of the pantograph contained a small pointer, while the other held a drawing implement, and by moving the pointer over a diagram, a copy of the diagram was drawn on another piece of paper.

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A Pantograph is a drawing aid that simplifies the enlarged copying of pictures or figures. It makes a great educational toy for families with children, or for people who are into craft activities like patchwork, woodworking, modelling, etc. Below, my Dad describes the design he built. It enables magnifications of 2, 3, 4 and 5 to be obtained by ...

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How a Pantograph Works . A pantograph has one fixed point O (the “Origin”), and two special points P and Q. It has the property that Q traces an enlarged, or "scale" copy of whatever P traces. See Figure 1a. (a) (b) Figure 1. There are five essential ideas to understanding why Q traces a scale copy of P.

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Now, for his Working Pattern engraving, Goudy used a (1) a Deckel machine prior to the 1939 destruction of his workshop by fire, (2) his matrix engraving machine, briefly, from ca. 1939 to 1943 when he was able to obtain another industrial pantograph, and (3) a industrial pantograph, type yet unknown, from Sept. 1943 on.

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Building the pantograph. Building the pantograph. Visit. Discover ideas about Wood Working. April 2019. Building the pantograph. Wood Working ...

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High-speed railway pantograph and catenary dynamic simulation system modelling and verification J. F. Guan, J. Q. Wu & Y. Zhong School of Electrical Engineering, Southwest Jiaotong University, China Abstract The dynamic simulation system of a pantograph and a catenary has been built by using the finite element method, in which the pantograph is ...

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Dremel tool mount for the pantograph This article also available in Spanish. I'm sometimes asked if a Dremel or similar rotary tool can be used with the 3D pantograph. My answer has always been yes, though not until recently did I have a need to mount a Dremel tool in my own pantograph.

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Pantograph and Contact Line System comprehensively introduces pantographs, contact lines and their interactions in many areas including geometrics, dynamics, materials, and electrics—helpful to understanding the basic theories of interaction between pantographs and contact lines.The book examines application techniques for system design, construction and maintenance, and includes …

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Using the Pantograph by Kevin McGuire Asheville, NC The invention of the Pantograph, an ingenious tool for copying and resizing images dates to at least the 1600's.While seeming primitive it has peculiar advantages over modern digital imaging for resizing, as we will see.


INSTRUCTIONS FOR PANTOGRAPH: The pantograph is a tool for reproducing an image in enlarged and reduced scales. For both enlargement and reduction, the central pivot screws should always be inserted in holes with the same ratio number in each of the 4 arm sections. To Enlarge: 1.

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Railway Technology Systems Index 001 002 Company STEMMANN-TECHNIK 003 Worldwide presence / railway products, quality made in Germany 004 Metro and Suburban Systems Third rail shoegears 005 Systems for third rail shoegears 006 Components for third rail shoegears 007 008 Suburban Railway Roof-mounted pantographs for suburban railway

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We just couldn’t figure out how those gears were going to be put to use, but as the video below progresses, it becomes clear that this is an adjustable pantograph rig, and that [Rulof]’s eBay ...

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Construction of an Enlarging and Reducing Pantograph. Cut out of 1/8-inch oak, walnut, or beech four rods 5/8 inch wide and 19 inches long. Smooth them well all over, and make marks near the ends of each, exactly 18 inches apart.

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Simply draw a project in a CAD program, scale it accordingly, set up your pantograph and go to town. I have a pretty old variable depth router and it fits in the base no problem. There is a nice learning curve to the setup so I recommend taking your time to work through …

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Many factors and parameters can affect the interaction between the pantograph and the catenary. Internal or external factors affect the dynamic behavior of the system and lead to parameter variations. A pantograph in “non-standard conditions” might adversely affects the contact line or that requires a specific maintenance activities.

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construction nd working of pantograph | Pantograph Is Used in Making Cross .Secrions of Aqueduct Tunnels . This picture shows giant pantograph being used t i mah» cross neers in charge of the construction of the 91 work, has been greatly simplified and. expe-.

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construction nd working of pantograph Overhead line - Wikipedia An overhead line or overhead wire is used to , Pantograph-equipped locomotives must not run , the added construction and maintenance cost-per-mile makes .

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Different pantographs should work with their matching overhead contact line system. The interaction of pantograph and overhead contact lines presents in several aspects, such as geometrical parameter, dynamic performance, material interface, and electrical contact performance, which are independent but related to each other.

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Pantograph and Contact Line System would be useful to our readers who are interested in catenary and pantograph-related areas, such as college teachers and students, researchers, and other professionals involved in that design, manufacture, construction, operation, and maintenance of pantographs and catenary systems."

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Building the pantograph This article also available in French and Spanish. I drew up the initial CAD model for the pantograph in Google SketchUp, but to turn a CAD model into a nice plan with dimensioned drawings takes a lot of time, and I didn't want to do that until I was sure that my pantograph would work.

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This material conducts electricity while working as a lubricant. As graphite is brittle, pieces can break off during operation. Bad pantographs can seize the overhead wire and tear it down, so there is a two-way influence whereby bad wires can damage the pantograph and bad pantographs can damage the wires.

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pAntograph is a platform created by architects, engineers, and creative people from all over the world, focused on making the construction of quality architecture SIMPLER and ACCESSIBLE to EVERYONE. 3 MAIN RESOURCES are needed to develop architectural projects: Land, designs, and funds. At pantograph, this resources meet together, in a co-created, open and reliable way, from anywhere in …

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Apr 09, 2019· Construction of a pantograph begins by linking two pairs of arms – one long pair and one short pair – end to end with a pivoting joint, making a pair of flexible V shapes. The free ends of the short arms are connected by pivot joints to the centers of the long arms, forming a parallelogram or diamond shape, with two arms extending from the ...

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Structural analysis and validation of a smart pantograph mast concept 3 If the lattice members are totally rigid and connected with frictionless joints, the movement of one member parallel to another causes sympathetic movement in the entire lattice. The first sketches of pantograph systems appear in Leonardo Da Vinci’s 15th century notebooks

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Aug 15, 2018· Amazing Fastest Wood Lathe Machines Working - Extreme Modern CNC Technology Woodworking Machine - Duration: 10:03. BEST MACHINES 898,902 views

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2. Pantograph Engraving Machines in General 2.1. Definitions, Scope, and Applications. A pantograph engraving machine, or pantograph engraver, is a pantograph which uses a cutting tool at one position on the pantograph's mechanism to engrave (cut) into a workpiece a design traced out by a tracer or stylus at another position on the mechanism.

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This pantograph is the perfect tool for easily and rapidly enlarging or reducing drawings, pictures, or photographs. Trace elements with outstanding accuracy with the sturdy pivot shoe. It eliminates slippage by mounting securely to your working surface. Positions for …