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Spinel Although spinel has been used in jewelry since ancient times, this gemstone has only recently received the attention it deserves. Before the rise of modern gemology in the late 19 th and early 20 th centuries, spinel was often identified as corundum, as they are often found in the same mines. Nevertheless, these minerals are chemically distinct.

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Amethyst is a violet variety of quartz.. The name comes from the Koine Greek ἀμέθυστος amethystos from ἀ- a-, "not" and μεθύσκω methysko / μεθύω methyo, "intoxicate", a reference to the belief that the stone protected its owner from drunkenness. The ancient Greeks wore amethyst and carved drinking vessels from it in the belief that it would prevent intoxication.

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Rough stones vary in size, they are anywhere from 1/2" to 2". As this is a natural product, size varies and each lot will contain a different amount of stones. Each rough stone is natural, none of...

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Sugilite deposits are found in Australia, India, Japan, Canada and South Africa. Like most colored stones, sugilite's value is based on its color. Specimens with a vivid and intense purple are valued most highly. Since many sugilite specimens are multicolored, attractive patterns and veining raise the value of a …

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Color is one of the most important factors that affect amethyst's value - the most prized stones have a deep red-purple hue and no visible tints or discoloration. Large crystals are very rare. It is mined in different countries, including Brazil, South Korea, Russia and Zambia, among others.

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Natural amethyst (Jamunia) stone online per carat for sale. Get information about purple loose african amethyst gemstone astrology, benefits and value from

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26 Types of Purple Gemstones in Jewelry Purple gemstones are a rich, magnificent choice of stones for jewelry. A combination of red and blue, violet straddles the …

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Stone for transformation. Ability to dissolve the patterns of fear and empowering you with courage. Allows one to ‘see’ with love. FLUORITE-PURPLE Stimulates third-eye, bringing commitment to spirit. It will heighten ones intuitive powers. LEPIDOLOITE Relieves stress, anger and depression. Increases physic awareness and wholeness. Gently ...

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Amethyst is a well known mineral and gemstone. It is the purple variety of the mineral Quartz, and its most valuable and prized variety.Its name derives from the Greek "amethystos", which means "not drunken", as Amethyst in antiquity was thought to ward off drunkenness.

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Tanzanite is the blue and violet variety of the mineral zoisite (a calcium aluminium hydroxyl sorosilicate), caused by small amounts of vanadium, belonging to the epidote group. Tanzanite is only found in Tanzania, in a very small mining area (approximately 7 km …

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For the last 32 years we have exhibited at and organized no less than seventy Gem & Mineral Shows in South Africa, the USA, Germany and New Zealand - At the last Show in South Africa we exhibited a piece of Moon Rock, Meteorites, Fossils, Crystals and beautiful displays of Exotic African Minerals from Tsumeb and the Kalahari Manganese Fields.

Tanzanite: a purple or blue gemstone from Africa

Tanzanite is a gem found in eastern Africa that was introduced to the jewelry market in the 1960's. Tanzanite occurs in a variety of colors, mostly leaning toward the violet or deep blue range. Tanzanite can also occur in a green color.

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African Amethyst is generally more deeply colored than South American Amethyst, and the label "African Amethyst" in the gem trade may be improperly used to describe a deeper color stone even if it didn't originate in Africa. The color distribution of Amethyst is sometimes uneven, and this is often taken into account when cutting a stone.

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*Note: This is not an official Quotation The Diamond Corporation, South Africa™ Diamond Calculator provides estimated market values and by no means indicates the final asking price of a diamond. Diamond prices are US Dollar based and subject to currency exchange rate changes as well as fluctuations in international diamond asking prices....

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Amethyst Why Buy Amethyst. GemSelect's Top-Quality Amethyst is available in a variety of Faceted, and Cabochon Gemstones in addition to a large selection of Geodes. Our Natural Brazilian Amethyst sells at affordable prices and is available in an extensive amount of shapes and sizes too.

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Nestled in Fourways, find a treasure store that caters for all your gem and crystal needs. Stones for Africa is a family owned business and offers personalised service. Our knowledge is vast and so is our range of crystals instore. We stock all types of crystals such as tumbles, spheres, wands, jewelery, rare specimans and more.

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Often an opaque green stone, its nickname is "Transvaal jade" because it looks like jade and is found in the Transvaal area of South Africa. Iolite It is a strongly pleochroic gem material that, when properly oriented, can produce gemstones with a deep bluish color similar to sapphire and tanzanite.

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Tanzanite International Grading System. Colour - Tanzanite has what many would consider the finest blue hue in the world of gemstones, a color which often leaves even the finest sapphires lacking. The gem is strongly trichroic, and therefore appears to have several colours in the same stone…

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Discover where sapphires are mined in Africa and learn how the gemstones are extracted form their locations in Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria and Madagascar. Learn all about an area of the world that has some of the richest deposits of gemstones and the types of sapphires that are most often found here.

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No polishing, cutting or alteration of any kind. Most commonly available diamond specimens are from South Africa, Australia, and Democratic Republic of Congo. New diamonds are added frequently, check back often. All diamonds sold on this web site were purchased from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflicts and in compliance with the ...

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Gemstones from Africa The traditional sources for colored gemstones are usually found in South America and in Asia most especially in Brazil, Burma, and Sri Lanka. Nowadays, Africa is producing most of the enthusiasm around gemstones in the world.

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This red jasper from South Africa has a fire-engine red color that in some ... penetration of dyes. mined in South Africa. Dalmatian Stone Dalmatian Stone is white to gray jasper with black spots. It is given that name because white ... a soft purple color it is often called "lilac amethyst".

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Lapigems Gem Company features a large selection of fine loose gemstones, specializing in rare Tanzanite and Tsavorite gemstones and gem stone information. Also tourmaline and malaia garnets. Fine East African Gemstones, Collector Quality Tanzanite, Tsavorite, Tourmaline Gemstones

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South Africa Gemstones & Minerals. The following is a list of South Africa gems and minerals listed in our database. Click the pictures to get full data, click the X to remove the gem from the list.

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Gone are the days that gemstones in South Africa were a rare commodity that was hard to find. Today we have access to both local and international dealers through the world wide web. Unless you have a lot of experience buying and selling colored stones, or are trained as a gemologist - it will be very easy for you to be taken advantage of.

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South Africa's leading supplier of Dump Rocks. Available in Grey , Dark grey , Charcoal and Silica C.. 100 -150mm Dump Rock (Silica Cream- Sand Stone) - 6 Cubic Meter (8 Tons)

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Tiger's-eye is also used for carvings, boxes, ashtrays and other similar pieces. When the color is a greenish grey, they are called 's-eye quartz. A golden yellow reflection on a brown stone is called tiger's-eye. If the stone is blue-grey or bluish, it's colored by crocidolite, and is known as hawk's-eye. A darker brown, or mahogany-colored ...

Tanzanite: What you need to know about color, rarity, value

Tanzanite and sapphire are the two favorite blue stones in the gem marketplace. Tanzanite is a gem that many people desire because of its unique beauty and characteristics. Others purchase tanzanite because it has a beauty similar to sapphire but at a much lower price.